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What are the most famous songs by the band George Harrison?

Welcome to the world of George Harrison, the witty and talented musician who left
an indelible mark on music history both as a member of The Beatles and as a solo artist. Known for his distinctive songwriting style, George Harrison created a collection of famous songs that continue to captivate audiences to this day. From spiritual ballads to infectious rock tunes, his music carries a humorous tone and a narrative quality that draws listeners in.

My Sweet Lord

One of George Harrison’s most famous songs is My Sweet Lord. This spiritual and melodic track combines catchy hooks with a message of love and devotion. The humorous and catchy lyrics add an extra layer of charm, making it a beloved classic in Harrison’s repertoire. My Sweet Lord became an international hit and solidified Harrison’s place as a solo artist.


Something is a romantic and timeless ballad that showcases George Harrison’s songwriting prowess. With its heartfelt and introspective lyrics, the song captures the essence of love and longing. The humorous elements in the lyrics add depth and relatability to the track. Considered one of Harrison’s greatest compositions, Something remains a testament to his ability to create timeless and emotive music.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Featuring a memorable guitar solo and introspective lyrics, While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a song that showcases George Harrison’s emotional depth and musical prowess. The humorous and introspective lyrics paint a vivid picture of introspection and contemplation. The track’s impact on music is undeniable, with its iconic guitar solo captivating listeners and earning its place among the greatest guitar-driven songs of all time.

Here Comes the Sun

A song that radiates warmth and optimism, Here Comes the Sun is a fan favorite and a testament to George Harrison’s ability to create uplifting music. The humorous and poetic lyrics perfectly capture the sense of hope and renewal. With its infectious melodies and joyful spirit, Here Comes the Sun continues to bring smiles to faces and serves as a reminder of the beauty in life’s simplest moments.

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Reflecting Harrison’s spiritual side, Give Me Love is a soulful track that promotes peace and love. The humorous and profound lyrics carry a powerful message of unity and acceptance. The song invites listeners to introspect and embrace the idea of compassion and understanding. Give Me Love showcases Harrison’s ability to infuse his music with spiritual wisdom while maintaining a lighthearted touch.

All Things Must Pass

With its philosophical lyrics and melancholic undertones, All Things Must Pass stands as a poignant and introspective track in George Harrison’s discography. The humorous and thought-provoking lyrics evoke a sense of contemplation and acceptance of life’s transient nature. The song carries a timeless message of resilience and growth, resonating with listeners across generations.

Got My Mind Set on You

A departure from Harrison’s introspective style, Got My Mind Set on You is an upbeat and catchy track that showcases his playful side. The humorous and infectious lyrics capture the excitement of infatuation and the determination to pursue love. With its energetic beats and Harrison’s distinctive vocals, the song became a commercial success and a fan favorite.

Isn’t It a Pity

Isn’t It a Pity is a melancholic and reflective track that delves into themes of loss and longing. The humorous and introspective lyrics carry a sense of introspection and vulnerability. The song’s emotional impact is heightened by Harrison’s soulful vocals and rich instrumentation, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

What Is Life

With its energetic and uplifting vibes, What Is Life is a testament to George Harrison’s ability to create infectious and relatable music. The
humorous and soul-searching lyrics invite listeners to contemplate the meaning of life and the pursuit of happiness. The song’s irresistible hooks and lively melodies make it a true gem in Harrison’s discography, showcasing his ability to create music that resonates with audiences on both an emotional and energetic level.

Bangla Desh

Bangla Desh holds a special place in George Harrison’s discography as a humanitarian and socially conscious song. Written as a fundraising effort for the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, the track carries a powerful message of unity and support. The humorous and impactful lyrics shed light on the plight of the Bangladeshi people, serving as a rallying cry for awareness and action.

Blow Away

Blow Away is a breezy and melodic track that captures the essence of escapism and serenity. The humorous and reflective lyrics invite listeners to let go of their worries and embrace the calming power of music. With its infectious melodies and soothing vibes, Blow Away provides a much-needed respite from the chaos of everyday life.

Dark Horse

Embracing rock and blues influences, Dark Horse showcases George Harrison’s resilience and determination. The humorous and resilient lyrics convey a sense of overcoming challenges and persevering in the face of adversity. The song’s raw energy and Harrison’s powerful vocals create an electrifying listening experience, leaving listeners inspired and motivated.

If I Needed Someone

With its upbeat and melodic nature, If I Needed Someone is a shining example of George Harrison’s songwriting skills. The humorous and playful lyrics paint a picture of camaraderie and reliance on others. The song’s infectious rhythms and memorable hooks make it a standout track in Harrison’s repertoire, showcasing his ability to create music that is both catchy and meaningful.

In conclusion, George Harrison’s discography is adorned with a collection of famous songs that showcase his musical genius and unique sense of humor. From the spiritual and melodic My Sweet Lord to the introspective and guitar-driven While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Harrison’s music carries a timeless charm that continues to captivate listeners. His ability to infuse his songs with humor, introspection, and meaningful storytelling sets him apart as a legendary musician. So, dive into George Harrison’s musical world, embrace the humor, and let his music transport you to a realm of joy, reflection, and undeniable talent.


1. Did George Harrison write all of his famous songs?
Yes, George Harrison wrote many of his famous songs. His songwriting contributions played a significant role in The Beatles‘ catalog, and he continued to write and compose as a solo artist, showcasing his unique creative voice.

2. Are there any collaborations in George Harrison’s discography?
While George Harrison was primarily known for his solo work, he did collaborate with other artists on various projects. One notable example is the Concert for Bangladesh, where he joined forces with musicians like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Ravi Shankar to raise funds for humanitarian causes.

3. What is George Harrison’s most well-known contribution to The Beatles?
George Harrison’s contributions to The Beatles were numerous, but one of his most well-known contributions is his song Something, which stands as one of the band’s greatest compositions. The song’s timeless melody and heartfelt lyrics have made it an enduring favorite among fans.

4. Did George Harrison’s solo career achieve success comparable to his time with The Beatles?
George Harrison’s solo career achieved significant success, both critically and commercially. He released several successful albums, including the acclaimed All Things Must Pass, which showcased his artistic growth and solidified his status as a respected solo artist.

**5. How can I listen
to George Harrison’s famous songs?

You can listen to George Harrison’s famous songs on various music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music. These platforms offer a wide selection of his music, including his solo hits and tracks from his time with The Beatles. You can search for George Harrison’s name or specific song titles to explore his discography and enjoy his timeless music with just a few clicks.

So, whether you’re in the mood for the spiritual melodies of My Sweet Lord, the introspective guitar solos of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, or the uplifting vibes of Here Comes the Sun, you can dive into George Harrison’s musical world and discover the magic of his famous songs.

Remember, George Harrison’s music is a testament to his talent, creativity, and unique sense of humor. So, sit back, hit play, and let the infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and humorous undertones transport you to a world where music is a source of joy, reflection, and connection. Enjoy the journey through the soundscape of one of music’s legends, George Harrison.

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