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What are the most famous songs by the band Yes?

In the vast realm of rock music, there are certain bands that have left an indelible mark on the industry. One such band is Yes. Known for their intricate compositions, virtuosic musicianship, and epic live performances, Yes has solidified their place as pioneers of progressive rock. With a career spanning several decades, they have amassed an impressive discography filled with influential and beloved songs. In this article, we will embark on a musical journey to explore the most famous songs by the band Yes, from their early hits to their progressive rock anthems, commercial successes, and everything in between.

Early Hits

Yes‘ journey to fame began with their early hits that showcased their musical prowess and unique style. Songs like Roundabout and I’ve Seen All Good People captivated audiences with their intricate melodies, intricate harmonies, and dynamic arrangements. These songs laid the foundation for Yes‘ signature sound and set the stage for their future success.

Progressive Rock Anthems

One cannot discuss Yes without delving into their iconic progressive rock anthems. Songs like Close to the Edge, Heart of the Sunrise, and Awaken epitomize the genre with their expansive structures, complex time signatures, and thought-provoking lyrics. These epic compositions take listeners on a sonic journey, weaving together layers of instrumentation and showcasing the band’s exceptional musicianship.

Commercial Successes

While Yes is known for their progressive and experimental tendencies, they also achieved significant commercial success with their chart-topping hits. Tracks like Owner of a Lonely Heart and Leave It brought Yes into the mainstream, blending their progressive roots with catchy hooks and radio-friendly sensibilities. These songs became instant classics and introduced Yes to a broader audience.

Fan Favorites

Yes has a dedicated and passionate fan base, and their favorite songs may vary depending on personal taste. However, certain tracks have resonated deeply with fans over the years. From the ethereal beauty of And You and I to the anthemic Starship Trooper, these songs evoke emotions and create a sense of connection among fans. Other fan favorites include South Side of the Sky, Yours Is No Disgrace, and Siberian Khatru, which showcase Yes‘ artistic vision and musical brilliance.

Memorable Collaborations

Throughout their career, Yes has collaborated with various artists, creating memorable musical moments. One notable collaboration was with legendary musician and producer Eddie Offord, who worked closely with the band on several albums, including Fragile and Close to the Edge. Another noteworthy collaboration was with orchestra conductor Larry Groupé for their symphonic tour, where Yes‘ music was given a grand orchestral treatment. These collaborations added new dimensions to Yes‘ sound and further
expanded their artistic horizons.

Experimental Tracks

Yes has never been afraid to push the boundaries of conventional rock music and explore new territories. They have produced several experimental tracks that showcase their innovative spirit. Songs like The Gates of Delirium and Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil) exemplify their willingness to take risks and create music that defies traditional structures. These tracks challenge listeners‘ expectations and offer a glimpse into the band’s adventurous side.

Deep Cuts

In addition to their well-known hits, Yes has a treasure trove of deep cuts that deserve recognition. These hidden gems may not have achieved mainstream success but are beloved by dedicated fans. Tracks like Awaken, Close to the Edge, and Heart of the Sunrise exhibit the depth and complexity of Yes‘ music. Exploring their lesser-known songs unveils a world of sonic exploration and showcases the band’s artistic range.

Live Performances

One cannot truly appreciate Yes without experiencing their captivating live performances. The band’s energetic and dynamic stage presence, coupled with their intricate instrumentation and soaring vocals, make for an unforgettable concert experience. Yes has a reputation for delivering epic live renditions of their songs, often extending them with extended instrumental solos and improvisations. Songs like Yours Is No Disgrace and Perpetual Change come alive in a live setting, showcasing the band’s virtuosity and chemistry.

Legacy and Influence

Yes‘ impact on the world of music extends beyond their own discography. Their innovative approach to songwriting, intricate compositions, and technical proficiency have influenced countless musicians and bands across genres. Artists like Rush, Dream Theater, and Genesis have cited Yes as a major inspiration. Their legacy as pioneers of progressive rock is cemented in music history, and their influence continues to resonate with both musicians and listeners alike.


Yes has created a musical legacy that spans decades and continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of progressive rock, virtuosity, and visionary songwriting. From their early hits to their progressive rock anthems, commercial successes, and experimental tracks, their music has stood the test of time and left an indelible mark on the music industry. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music, exploring the most famous songs by the band Yes is a journey that is sure to inspire, entertain, and evoke a sense of wonder.


1. What is Yes‘ most famous song?
Yes‘ most famous song is arguably Roundabout, known for its intricate guitar riff and memorable harmonies.

2. Are there any unreleased Yes songs?
Yes has a vast discography, and there are indeed unreleased and rare tracks that exist. These can often be found in special editions, box sets, or bootleg recordings.

3. Did Yes have any lineup changes over the years?
Yes has experienced several lineup changes throughout their career. However, the band’s core members have remained constant, including guitarist Steve Howe and drummer Alan White.

4. What is the significance of Yes‘ album artwork?
Yes is known for their visually striking album covers, many of which feature artwork by Roger Dean. The artwork often reflects the band’s progressive and imaginative sound.

5. Are there any Yes tribute bands?
Yes‘ music has inspired numerous tribute bands that faithfully recreate their songs and pay homage to their legacy. Some popular tribute bands include Yessongs and Going for the One.

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